Cancer Care of Marquette County came into being in 1958 as the Ishpeming Cancer Society as the result of financial needs of Marquette County cancer patients. The founding members formed  an  executive board, drafted bylaws, and assigned one person to be a patient care coordinator. This model was successful until the mid 1970’s when many original founders left the board, and funding from local businesses and industry was lost. Priscilla Tasson became president and patient care coordinator during this  transition. She developed an application process and was able to secure funding from the United Way of Marquette County.
In the early 2000’s the board changed the name to Cancer Care of Marquette County to better align with our service area. Since that time we have continued to provide financial assistance to an increasing number of patients every year. In 2022 we provided $168,000.00 of financial assistance to 111 Marquette County cancer patients. Funding comes from the United Way,  numerous local grants, and the generosity of local volunteer organizations, friends, and neighbors.
Cancer Care provides financial assistance to Marquette County cancer patients for treatment which includes hospital charges, doctor fees, prescription copays, and money for travel to major cancer centers. We also refer patients and families to other community resources as appropriate based on individual needs.
We currently have three Patient Care Coordinators including a nurse, medical billers, health care administrator, and a pharmacist. our Board of Directors has 17 members including  physician, hospital administrator, nurses, social workers, attorney, bankers, 3 grant writers and two pharmacists. We are all volunteer and our administrative costs run between 2% to 5%. 

What is CCMC?

CCMC is a non-profit organization with funding realized from the United Way, local donations and memorials. Administrative costs are exceptionally low, assigning 97% of every dollar collected to Patient Care and Cancer Early Diagnosis Programs. There are countless organizations which raise funds for cancer research, namely the government, pharmaceutical companies and Universities. While a cure lies in that direction, person who are diagnosed with one or more of the specific cancers cannot wait for the miracle treatment. They need help right now with available treatment, supplies, drugs, transportation, medical bills, etc., and in their midst is Cancer Care of Marquette County to assist them and their families with the support and types of help they need NOW.

Our ALL-volunteer organization provides Patient Services to those with a cancer diagnosis to assist with the catastrophic health care costs caused by this disease and its treatment. You do not need to be low-income to qualify for financial help. We also sponsor Prevention/Detection Programs for citizens living in Marquette County as well as participate and aid in similar cancer programs sponsored by other county organizations if funds are available.

Services We Offer

CCMC provides financial assistance to Marquette County cancer patients for travel, lodging, and medical expenses related to their cancer treatment. We also refer patients and their family members to other organizations for additional assistance when appropriate.

Our Mission

Our goal is to relieve some or all of the financial burden from patients and families related to cancer treatment so they can concentrate on every day activities. In addition another group of volunteers called the 906 Crusaders hold two annual fundraisers for Cancer Care. The Kick it to Cancer kickball tournament is held in May or June, and a hockey tournament Stick it to Cancer is held  in September. If anyone is interested please contact Barb at
If you know of anyone needing our services or have further questions have them contact Dave Poirier at 906-273-0045 or Lynn Bartanen at 906-485-1114.

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